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About us

We're Linda and Steve, an American couple who moved to Rome in 1999 to open The Beehive Hostel. Steve always baked and made bread & bagels for our guests. It all started when our hostel was closed due to the Covid pandemic. An Instagram post offering to make our bagels by special order, exploded, both in demand and in very positive responses, and now repeat customers. Our "pandemic pivot" born out of necessity turned into a whole new business, Beehive Bagels.


With demand soaring, we teamed up with our friend Emanuele, owner and pizzaiolo at Mr. Crunch pizza al taglio. Thanks to his baking expertise and professional equipment, we've been able to double our production and perfect our bagels.


Our Products

We make artisanal, NY-style inspired bagels. They're hand-rolled & shaped, cold-proofed for at least 12 hours, boiled, topped and then baked. We don't use preservatives, additives, colorings or egg washes so our bagels are vegan-friendly. Steve - having grown up on the East Coast of the US in a Jewish family -  takes his bagels very seriously!

Our bagels are sold by advance order either for pick-up at our hostel in Rome, for delivery throughout Rome, or shipped anywhere in Italy.  You can also find our bagels in various cafes around Italy. 

Our bagels:  plain, sesame, poppy, everything, cinnamon/raisin, pumpernickel, onion, cacio e pepe.

We also make Kosher-style dill pickles, both regular and spicy.

Ingredient/allergens: wheat flour, water, salt, diastastic malt. 

Optional toppings: poppy, sesame, flax seeds, powdered garlic, dried onion, cinnamon, raisins 

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