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We're Linda and Steve, an American couple who moved to Rome in 1999 to open The Beehive Hostel. We've always baked and made bread & bagels for the small cafe in our hostel. Having found ourselves with few to no guests recently and with lots of time on our hands during the Covid disaster, we decided to pull a "pandemic-pivot." What started as an Instagram post offering to make our bagels by special order and thinking we might get a few orders here and there, instead exploded, both in demand and in positive responses. About three weeks after that initial post, we hit 1000 bagels sold and decided The Beehive would become beds AND bagels!


With demand soaring, we teamed up with our friend Emanuele, owner and pizzaiolo at Mr. Crunch pizza al taglio. Thanks to his baking expertise and professional equipment, we've been able to double our production and perfect our bagels.


Our Products

We make artisanal, hand-rolled bagels in the traditional NY style. They're hand-shaped, cold-proofed for a minimum of 12 hours, boiled, topped and then baked. We're bagel purists and don't use preservatives, additives, colorings, or anything that deviates from the essential ingredients. And Steve - having grown up on the East Coast in a Jewish family - takes his bagels very seriously!

Our sourdough bread is made with a mix of white, whole wheat and a touch of rye flour and is made in large or small "filone" shaped loaves. The crumb is compact enough to make it the perfect bread for butter and jam, bruschetta, or a grilled cheese sandwich.

We also make Kosher-style dill pickles, both spicy and regular; classic hummus, and currently three different types of schmears - cream cheese mixed with either scallion, roasted garlic or sundried tomato. 

Ingredient/allergens: wheat flour, water, salt, diastastic malt. 

Optional toppings: poppy, sesame, flax seeds, powdered garlic, dried onion, cinnamon, raisins 

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