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Artisanal Bagels - Made in Italy

Our Bagels

We're Linda and Steve, an American couple who moved to Rome in 1999 to open The Beehive Hostel. During the Covid pandemic, when our hostel, as well as many other businesses, were closed, we posted on Instagram that Steve could make bagels, bread, tortillas, crackers, pickles, etc. by special order. Demand for bagels exploded and in a few weeks, we were partnering up with a nearby pizzeria which had also been hit hard by the lockdowns. In his kitchen with his professional equipment, we were able to scale up quickly. Our "pandemic pivot" turned into a bagel business and we now sell direct and wholesale as well as ship all over Italy

Our bagels are artisanal, New York style inspired bagels. Having grown up in a US East Coast Jewish family, Steve takes his bagels very seriously. They're hand-formed and shaped, cold-proofed for at least 12 hours, boiled, topped, and then baked. We don't use preservatives, additives, colourings or egg washes so our bagels are vegan-friendly (except cacio & pepe which has cheese).  


Beehive Bagels in the press

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