Shipping Rates, Times, Terms & Conditions

Rates:  For all of Italy, shipping rates are €8 for 1 dozen, €12,50 for 2 dozen, €13 for 3 dozen and €14 for 4/5 dozen and €16 for 6 dozen, with the exception of Sicily/Venice Lagoon and Sardegna which have an additional €0,50 surcharge. Some areas considered "disagiati" also have an additional cost which we will inform you of before fulfilling your order. These rates include shipping & packaging. We do not profit from the shipping costs.

Times:  All orders are shipped the day they were made by SDA courier. We ship out on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Most orders arrive between 24-48 hours on mainland Italy and 72 hours to the islands. However, if a delivery is delayed, SDA will not reimburse or take any responsibility for the delay. These times are in no way guaranteed.

Term & Conditions:  We are not responsible for and will not offer refunds for any shipping issues such as delays, incorrect addresses or inability to deliver. Please make sure to indicate any special instructions for delivery in your order form to help avoid delays.

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