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Ideas for what to put on or in your Beehive Bagel


  • Butter

  • Jam

  • Cream cheese

  • Schmear (try one of our schmears - cream cheese spread with choice of scallion, sundried tomato or roasted garlic)

  • Hummus

  • Olive pâté

  • Sundried tomato pâté

Filling Combinations

  • Breakfast sandwiches:  scrambled or fried eggs, bacon, cheese, hot sauce

  • Lunch Sandwiches:  sundried tomato, cheese, argula, fresh tomato, cucumbers, red onion, smoked salmon, salame/ham, capers, avocado, etc.

  • Hot/melties:  pizza bagel, french toast bagels,  open faced with melted cheeses. 

Classic Combos

  • Cream cheese, smoked salmon, red onion & capers

  • Rueben:  roast beef or pastrami, sauerkraut, swiss cheese

  • Prosciutto and cheese (try a semi-aged pecorino).

  • BLT - bacon, lettuce & tomato

  • Avocado and eggs, hot sauce or peperoncino (red pepper) flakes

  • Bresaola, rucola & parmigiano

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