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A mix of your choice of our hand-rolled, long risen, boiled and baked bagels. Choose from plain, poppy seed, sesame seed, onion, everything, cinnamon raisin and cacio & pepe. Can be a mix or all the same type. Pumpernickel is not available in the mix.


NB: Cacio & pepe is an additional 25 cents per bagel, but for tech reasons cannot be input automatically into the total cost on this form. If you order any cacio & pepe bagels, please make sure to calculate the extra charge manually when making payment as it will be different than the total listed on your order form.


  • Baked in the morning and shipped in the afternoon by SDA which normally arrives between 24-48 hours on the mainland (or 72 hours to the islands or areas affected by Covid shutdowns). Our bagels are best served toasted and they freeze well. On the day of arrival, we suggest freezing any bagels you don't immediately eat by cutting them in half first and putting them in the freezer bag provided. Can be toasted directly from frozen (no need to thaw).

  • We will follow-up with you by email to receive payment before shipping. Payment accepted by Visa or MC,  bonifico or PayPal. 

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